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Consultation Fees

Most of our doctors charge private fees. These fees ensure that we can provide high-quality health care, maintain vital medical equipment and tools, as well as employ skilled and experienced doctors, nurses and administrative staff. We will always be upfront with our fees so please do not hesitate to ask Reception for more details. Eligible patients may be bulk billed from time to time, however this will be at the discretion of the treating practitioner.


Fees vary according to the nature of the consultation, the length of the consultation or the procedure performed. Aged Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders can be offered a discounted fee - at the discretion of the treating doctor. You can find out more about the benefits of holding a concession card here. See more in the table below.


Credit card and EFTPOS facilities are available. To be able to continue our excellent services to our patients, we have to charge fees which are often more than the current Medicare Rebate fees.


As we are a mixed billing practice, we bulk bill as well as privately charge patients accordingly. Fees are at the discretion of each of our individual doctors and are subject to change at any time. Current fees are effective March 2024  (please see below).


Please ask our friendly Reception for any specific fees related to your treatment.

What other charges may apply?


The list below is a general indication of some of the items that incur a fee:

  • Audiogram

  • ECG

  • Spirometry

  • Biopsy

  • Tests*

  • Whole Body Skin Checks 

  • Scripts

  • Transferring Your Medical Records


*Urine, Pregnancy, Venesection 


Certain services (in particular procedures) may attract a non-refundable Medicare out-of-pocket cost. Always discuss this with your treating doctor.

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