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Skin Cancer Checks

Skin cancer detection is vital. Our doctors are skilled in skin cancer excisions, skin flap and skin graft repairs. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that everyone should self-examine their skin regularly to assist with early detection of any potential skin cancers. If you come across anything that looks concerning, or are unsure of how to self-examine and what to look for, make an appointment with your doctor.


It is highly recommended that a whole-body skin check is conducted, particularly if it is your very first check, or if you haven't had one done for quite some time. Your skin changes as you continue to expose yourself to the sun so it's important to continue checking your skin. We are able to conduct whole body skin checks. We also have advanced technology in the form of a digital Mole Scan machine available at the practice.  


Don't hesitate when it comes to skin cancer detection. We strongly recommend an annual whole body skin check for all patients. If you have never had your skin checked before, book in for your whole body skin check today! 

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